Free And Discounted Services Of Voip Providers

Voice over Internet Protocol companies provides two kinds of services. First is free and second is discounted. Free service is included in the line rental that is also called monthly rental for VoIP service. Discounted service also has a monthly charge. Let’s discuss the services of VoIP providers in detail.

Free calling, texts and data download is provided with line rental. Or you can say that charges of free services are included in the monthly charge. Another way to describe free service is return for investment. You pay a fix line rental and get some service in return. Free calling in the network is the best free service and most VoIP providers are offering this service.


Discounted services are the services for which a small monthly fee is taken from the consumers. For instance take international calls. You will be allowed to choose your calling destinations. You can make international calls at reduced price but only after paying a monthly fee. Discounted services aren’t necessary services. VoIP providers catalogue their discounted services after understanding needs of their customers.

Call rates of Internet phone service are cheaper than the call charges of conventional phone service. Reduced call charges are money saver but the call charges differ from one service provider to another. You won’t find two VoIP providers charging same amount for outgoing calls. Call charges will be added to your monthly bill and if the charges are high then the monthly bill will also be high. You should consider all the factors before making an opinion on a service provider.


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