Some Of The Most Popular Cheapest Hosted Voip Providers UK Small Businesses Can Rely Upon

VoIP service is promoted at cheap service and it is cheap in many ways. Line rental is reduced and so are call charges. And whatever investment is made in the service is recovered from the many services that users get at no extra cost. Since VoIP service is cheap, list of cheapest hosted VoIP providers UK is quite long.

Xinix World

It provides hosted VoIP service at £9.99 per month and it offers unlimited calls to UK landlines with its basic plan. It is necessary to mention that cheapest rental is used for basic plan and it comes with limited services. Xinix World’s plan is popular because it provides maximum services. It is certainly one of the cheapest hosted VoIP providers UK.


Cloud Direct

It provides more choice than Xinix World. Cloud Direct has three plans for different needs. The first plan is called standard plan and it carries a line rental of £7 per user per month. Second plan is called Enterprise plan and it has line rental of £10 and the third plan is Mobility plan with line rental of £12. Cloud Direct is also one of the cheapest hosted VoIP providers UK.

There are more contenders for cheap services. RingCentral, Vonage, Lily Comms, NFON and Teliqo Direct are some of the names doing round as cheapest hosted VoIP providers UK. Users should compare and contrast services of these phone companies to arrive at an opinion on their services. Xinix World is new but it has achieved high growth because of its services.


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